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5 Ways to Enhance Your College Visits During Spring Break

Spring break is on the horizon! Without classes, homework, or other school obligations to focus on, the extra downtime during spring break is the perfect time to visit colleges. Here are five Admit U college counselor-approved ways to use your spring break effectively for college visits. 1. Plan ahead College visits can be fast-paced and overwhelming, so it’s essential to come prepared. Before stepping foot on campus, set aside time to write out a list of questions, concerns, and criteria you’re looking for. This will help you maximize your time without feeling overwhelmed or rushed. 2. Tour campus Visiting campus is the best way to experience the atmosphere from a student’s perspective. Touring campus offers a feel for what campus life would be like if you attended; you will get to see the facilities on campus, such as the dorms, library, student center, fitness center, dining hall, outdoor spaces, and more! Most universities provide guided tours, so register beforehand to secure your spot. (Pro Tip! Some colleges track demonstrated interest and will view your campus attendance positively in their admissions review, so be sure to officially register!) 3. Sit in on a class Want to know what it would be like to attend class? Get a feel for the academics and sit in on a class or two. Each classroom environment will be different, so find a course that piques your interest and try to observe. Take note of aspects like teaching style, class pacing, student engagement, and class size and structure. 4. Explore off-campus Although you’ll probably spend most of your time on campus, the area outside of campus matters! After all, you’ll live in that region for multiple years, so ensure the location is a good fit. Block out time to explore the city or town off-campus and get a feel for the surroundings. If you "can't live without" Chipotle or need to ski on the weekends, be sure those options exist near campus. 5. Talk to current students Prospective students should meet with a current student if possible. Some colleges might even offer overnight stays for a more immersive experience. Speaking with current students will give you insight that only a student knows! Use this time to learn exciting facts about student life, like favorite professors, clubs, campus events, weekend vibe, traditions, or meals in the cafeteria. By implementing these tips, you’ll be sure to make the most out of your college visits. To speak with an Admit U counselor about more ways you can tailor your spring break schedule to prepare for college and beyond, contact us here.


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