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College Counseling

We provide guidance in all aspects of the college admissions process from start to finish.


Here are some of the quality services you can expect:

  • Evaluate student’s academic transcript and course selection

  • Review extracurricular involvement and summer plans

  • Develop a balanced college list based on academic, social, and emotional fit

  • Brainstorm, draft, and edit college essays and supplements

  • Oversee completion of all college applications

  • Help develop student activity sheet/resume

  • Create a timeline for completion of college-related tasks

  • Assist students with organization and management of the process through online tools

  • Ensure students are completing tasks as required by their high schools

  • Encourage targeted communication with colleges where appropriate

  • Provide customized support for special populations (e.g. learning differences, LGBTQ, athletes, performing artists, etc.)

  • Conduct mock interviews

  • Advise students on obtaining scholarships and other financial aid sources

  • Discuss final decisions and next steps for enrollment

  • Serve as a buffer between parents and students to alleviate stress

  • Celebrate your enrollment!


Please note: Admit U Consulting does not guarantee admission to any college or university.

Beware of counselors or consultants who make such claims.

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