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"I was so nervous and anxious about the entire college process, but Admit U did everything possible to make applying to college as manageable, structured, and as organized as possible. They did a great job of guiding and leading me through every aspect to achieve my goal of attending the school of my dreams! Thank you Admit U...Thank you!"


—  Elise, Student

University of Michigan – Class of 2023

“You made the whole college process so much easier for us and we are so pleased with the results... He listened to your advice, followed up on the tasks you gave him, and [you were] there for him every step of the way. I still can't believe he was accepted into all of the colleges he applied to (and with generous academic scholarships). I think once you created David's story, it made for a strong application. He even challenged himself and got his grades up senior year to support it. David is beyond thrilled to be attending Case Western. It will be a great fit for him - so thank you for everything!”


Danielle, Parent

Case Western University Class of 2023

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you.
It goes without saying that we are all really happy that Jason got into the school he wanted to go to...

You made the process of applying to schools so much easier and less stressful than anticipated.
Your ability to relate to the kids, and keep them focused and not anxious, made this process so smooth!

Thanks again

Josh, Parent - University of Miami - Class of 2024

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help with Liam’s college application process. From way back in the beginning when giving him course advice to right through hitting the send button on his applications, your calm and "chill" demeanor was just perfect for my calm and chill senior. I know Liam always felt comfortable reaching out to you and you were always so kind to be so responsive to him. 


We are all thrilled with his decision. It’s been a long road since late summer last year when he started these applications, and his choosing his school has brought happiness to an otherwise not so great time. So, thank you again for your help, patience, and advice. It was all greatly appreciated. 


Parent - University of Michigan - Class of 2024


I wanted to thank you for your patience, dedication, and consistency in getting me to where I am. I would have not made it here without your guidance and I truly appreciate all your hard work with me. It was all worth it and I am a very happy Terp :)

Mia - University of Maryland - Class of 2024


I wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for everything! From start to finish, you have been amazing with Jordyn!
We have never seen our daughter happier and more content then we did today.
Thank you for giving Jordyn the confidence to go for a dream that she did not even know was attainable to her! We are over the moon that Jordyn made this happen. No doubt she is going to flourish and do amazing at Ann Arbor. You are terrific at what you do, and you should feel amazing that you have made such a difference in Jordyn’s confidence and sense of accomplishment!

Michael, Parent - University of Michigan - Class of 2024


Admit U provided the realistic yet supportive and knowledgeable guidance we were seeking for our daughter. From the ideal pairing of the Admit U counselor with my daughter, to the support and expertise given during the application process, the Admit U team was fully invested in her process. The suggested organization of the application information helped streamline our daughter's credentials and helped her to focus on her strengths and interests. Admit U is a professional supplement that any student going through the college application can benefit from. 

Jill, Parent - Vanderbilt University - Class of 2024

Now that Nico has decided where to “take his talents”, we just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help and guidance.  Nico felt very comfortable with his counselor, which, given how uncomfortable the process is, was alone incredibly valuable.  Your honest assessment of the market and where he might fit in was spot on.  He was obviously thrilled to have had choices, including some scholarships, which gave him even more confidence.  And, it is hard to imagine his essay coming out as well as it did with us looking over his shoulder instead of working with you.


It is no easy feat for parents who care about their kids as much as we do to trust so much of this effort to others, even if they are pros.  But it was easily the best decision we made. Feel free to add us to the list of very happy clients who would be even happier to recommend you.


Grant and Irene, Parents - Marist - Class of 2024

As first time parents going through the college admissions process, we had no idea how intense and intimidating it all could be.  Thankfully the professionals at Admit U guided and supported our family throughout and helped us successfully navigate the many twists and turns along the way.  We couldn’t have done it without them. We were so pleased with Admit U’s efforts, we have already signed our second child up with Admit U as she begins her journey through this process as well.  Well done Admit U….and thank you very much”.


Mark, Parent - University of Michigan - Class of 2023

I am thrilled with everything you did for Benjamin - thank you for making a process that could have been overwhelming, actually fun.​


Stacy, Parent - University of Texas-Austin  - Class of 2021

Admit U kept me focused, organized, and accountable. Melanie helped keep my family and I sane during this hectic process, and was always willing to offer her advice and help in order to see me succeed. She supported me and showed interest in more than just my academics, making me always feel comfortable when I was working with her. Admit U gives students the tools to succeed, including the services she recommends (ACT) and offering practice exams. Melanie was a huge factor in my success and I definitely recommend her!   


- Morgan - University of Wisconsin - Class of 2023

The Admit U staff offers a lot of support to the parents and students during the stressful experience of applying to colleges. When you work with Admit U, they take the stress away between the parent and student.  Everyone has an extremely professional attitude and their knowledge and personal commitment to each and every student is unparalleled!  The guidance our counselor provided was very helpful in leading the way to a successful college research and application process. We used Admit U for both of our girls and they both got into wonderful schools.  Perfect choices that were perfect for each daughter! We  could have not have done it without their help! 

Jill, Parent - University of Pennsylvania & Stockton University - Class of 2014 & 2021

I can truly attribute my success this year to Admit U Consulting. Without the countless meetings, back-and-forth text messages, and timely emails, I would not have been able to receive acceptances from many of the prestigious universities I applied to. My counselor helped make the college process enjoyable by ensuring my voice was never lost, my applications were authentic, and my attitude was positive. Thank you so much Admit U!  I 100% endorse their array of services for every single high school student. What seemed like a luxury became an ABSOLUTE necessity!  


Benjamin – University of Texas – Austin, Honors Program – Class of 2020


The Admit U staff worked with me through every step of the college process, and I am extremely grateful for the help that they provided. I was matched with a college counselor that fit my needs and understood exactly what I wanted to get out of this process. At the time, I only had one college on my list. My counselor helped me to not only find, but also fall in love with, a variety of different schools. What I appreciated most about the Admit U staff was their accessibility and timeliness. There were nights that I would stay up quite late working with my college counselor on essays. My counselor helped me hold realistic expectations, while pushing me to dream big. I feel that Admit U helped bring out the best in me and put me on the right track for the future. Without the guidance and assistance of Admit U, I feel that I would not have had as many options as I did when it ultimately came down to deciding which school I wanted to attend. Although the college application process is definitely a stressful time, Admit U made this a smooth and painless experience!!

My Admit U counselor was really helpful during the college application process. She was able to answer all of my questions, alleviate most of the stress associated with completing applications, and even made it fun! She was also very helpful keeping me focused during the process.


Zach – Syracuse University – Class of 2020​

I developed a very good relationship with my college counselor.  Admit U really cares about each of their client’s success.


Jonah – University of Texas – Austin – Class of 2020

My counselor knew exactly what colleges to recommend and they were an absolute match for what I was looking for with my college experience. Admit U really knows what they are doing, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of this amazing service.


Zach – High Point University – Class of 2020



​Our daughter was admitted to Syracuse University-Newhouse Early Decision!  We are thrilled...​

Thanks for everything...Admit U was absolutely essential to our navigation of the application process with minimal tension and confusion.  We will see you guys again soon because our son is presently in 10th grade. 

P.S. The $20,000/year scholarship was also icing on an already phenomenal cake!! 


Karen – Parent, Syracuse University – The Newhouse School – Class of 2020

 I can't thank you enough!!  Admit U counselors helped Adam and my entire family through this process. You are smart, knowledgeable, professional, available, responsive, and therapeutic. We are forever in your debt, and I am sad not to continue to have weekly contact with you.  In Adam speak, "My counselor is a boss.”  That's the highest compliment you can receive from him.


Donna – Parent, University of Michigan – Class of 2020


When I asked Jeff how his session was with his counselor, the descriptive word he replied with was GREAT.  I cannot recall a time where he used such a word, not for a long time, about anything.  Thank you for your assistance. We are so grateful to know you.


Jill – Parent, Ithaca College – Class of 2020


Melanie and her staff at Admit U Consulting treat each and every student and their family as unique and special.  As opposed to a “one size fits all” approach to college counseling, she really gets to know her students so she can draw out what makes them distinctive – a vital part of having your child stand-out among the thousands of other applicants.  She blends warmth with “spot on” guidance; empathy and sensitivity with realistic expectations; and application expertise with motivation techniques to get your child engaged in and excited about the process.  We loved working with Melanie.  She made what could have been an incredibly stressful experience - fun and rewarding.  Thank you!  


Tracy, Parent - University of Texas - Class of 2021

​I haven't gotten the chance to thank you for everything you have done throughout this entire process.  It’s been incredibly helpful and I could not have done it without you.  I really appreciate the insight you've provided me with, and for putting up with my procrastination with essays and such…so thank you.  I feel like everything worked out perfectly.


Connor - Bucknell University – Class of 2019


I am very pleased with Max's options.  Our counselor really pointed us in a great direction, with a solid and realistic plan.  From there, her support and expertise truly led us to put it all together and get the work done with pride and confidence.  I thank you for the incredible service you provided, which was the best money I spent to help Max plan for college.  If you ever have a parent who wants a reference…please know it would be my greatest pleasure to endorse Admit U. 


Amy, Parent – Quinnipiac University – Class of 2019

Our counselor was amazing in guiding us through the college process! She was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, organized, and responsive.  She has an incredible personality and is very dynamic.  Through all the unknowns and stress of essay writing and choosing colleges, she always found a way to put our daughters at ease and enabled us to have open and honest communication to address milestones and goals.  She helped keep our daughters on track so that they were always ahead of schedule and never crunched for time. Our counselor always made us feel like she took a personal and vested interest in her clients.  The bond we feel with her is something we never expected when starting this journey.  My family recommends Admit U to everyone we know or meet that is or will be going through the process because we believe Admit U is top notch in this field and a true gem! Our daughters tell us all the time that they are so happy with their colleges, and they are grateful to Admit U for helping them get there through the intensive application process. 


Donna, Parent of University of Texas - Austin - Class of 2016 & University of Maryland – Class of 2018

I wanted to reach out to say how excited we are about his acceptance to High Point. Thanks to you, despite challenges with Wyatt’s academic record, he was able to identify a great range of college options and feel successful in getting not only acceptances, but also scholarships! This did a lot for his self-esteem and he did his part in staying focused and optimistic through the process. But the icing on the cake was being accepted to his first choice school. Many kids don’t get to have that moment.  We are confident that High Point will be a great place for Wyatt and will nurture his true potential.

We hope you are enjoying this outcome. It’s a real success story for the invaluable work that Admit U does.


Stacie, Parent - High Point University – Class of 2019


I just wanted to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU....THANK YOU! I am not sure if I have expressed how happy we have been with Admit U and how much our Lexie and her counselor have connected.   Lexie was so relaxed and confident because she had her counselor to bounce everything off of and having been Lexie’s biggest cheerleader through every step of this arduous process. I read Lexie’s essay today and it was overwhelming! A lot of years of praying and hard work all culminated into one page.


Thank you for doing what you do, and for helping Lexie and our family the way Admit U has. We are so thankful for all of your hard work with Lexie!!!


Nicole, Parent – University of Delaware – Class of 2019

I don't think I could have gone through the whole college process without the help of my Admit U counselor! They transformed what could have been a murky, complicated, and stressful process and made it straightforward, simple, and stress-free. Admit U counselors have a deep expertise in what colleges are looking for, and a magic skill for teasing out our stories and helping us translate them into essays that really resonate. I'd highly recommend using Admit U!


Marisa - University of Pennsylvania 2014

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