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How to Prepare for Your First Year of College During the Summer

The transition from high school to college is significant for every student! With all the upcoming changes on the horizon, arriving on campus prepared is essential. For most incoming first-year university students, the best time to get ready for the big transition is the summer before college. Here are five Admit U-approved things you can do to make your college transition as smooth as possible. 1. Review your finances College is a substantial financial commitment for students and their families. While it may not be exciting, reviewing your finances before heading to school is imperative. A financial review will help prepare you for the next four years. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • How much spending money will I need for on and off-campus activities?

  • What does my financial aid package consist of?

  • Do I need to open a savings or checking account?

  • Will I need a part-time job while in school?

Consider a summer job to build college savings or apply for scholarships. Every dollar counts; creating a financial plan is crucial before you start.

2. Update your resume and research part-time jobs If you plan on getting a part-time job during college, summer is an excellent time to research your options beforehand. Look into what jobs are offered on and off campus and know what skills you excel in. Ensure your resume is updated and consider adding volunteer work or a summer job if you’ve got the time. 3. Learn how to cook and clean For the sake of you and your future roommate, it’s time to learn the basics of housekeeping if you don’t already. While you won’t be expected to be Martha Stewart, you must have basic knowledge of cooking and cleaning as an incoming freshman. Learn how to cook a few easy meals on your own and familiarize yourself with cleaning tasks, including how to do your laundry (and put it away!). 4. Complete registration and summer reading Make sure you are adequately registered for classes before school starts. Take the time to decide which courses you want to take, and don’t be afraid to ask your advisor any questions. Some courses may require summer reading, so check the requirements beforehand. 5. Purchase school supplies Check your university’s website for dorm room dimensions, amenities, and a list of school supplies for your registered classes. Dorm supplies can get pricey, so use thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and sites like Chegg for cheaper alternatives or secondhand options. If possible, arrive on campus a few days early to set everything up exactly how you want and purchase bulky items on-site.

While preparing for your next steps is important, don’t forget to savor the last moments of high school! Spend time with your friends and family, enjoy your summer, and celebrate and reflect on all your accomplishments before your next adventure begins.


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