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Maximizing Social Media in the College Search

In today's digital age, social media has evolved beyond mere entertainment and socialization. It has emerged as a valuable tool for information, especially for younger generations who increasingly turn to apps rather than traditional search engines. In 2022, Google's Senior Vice President, Prabhakar Raghavan, highlighted this shift, stating that nearly 40 percent of individuals aged 18 to 24 prefer platforms like TikTok and Instagram over Google for daily queries.

Recognizing the wealth of information available on these platforms, they can be instrumental, innovative, and interactive tools to use to enhance your college search. Below are Admit U-approved strategies to leverage social media and make your college exploration more meaningful.


Colleges and universities have embraced Instagram, offering a unique window into campus life. College Instagram accounts will have pictures, stories, and reels which will help students and parents gain perspectives on different schools. Check out the grid! It will showcase campus “hotspots,” professors, traditions, and other essential details. Instagram Stories often promote upcoming events, providing a dynamic glimpse into student life.

In addition, some school accounts might have student takeovers, where current students “go live” to share their day-to-day experiences. We suggest that you dive into the comments for candid student feedback. Explore tagged profiles for clubs, Greek Life, sports, and more to understand smaller interest-based communities.


Colleges also maintain official Facebook pages. They will have prospective student pages along with pages related to your interests (like music, debate, or gaming) to connect with like-minded students. Once admitted, there will also be admitted student pages and roommate queries.

Hey, Parents! Many times there are dedicated groups exclusively for you on the school's homepage, connecting you with current and prospective parents.

Facebook is a great way to engage with colleges and their students and activities before deciding where to enroll.


Despite being a newer platform, TikTok has rapidly influenced college culture (we are talking to you, Bama Rush). Many schools, sports teams, and clubs maintain TikTok accounts, offering a window into student life (maybe too big of a window). Search for your schools of interest to uncover firsthand experiences, from class dynamics to dorm conditions to dining hall food selections.

In general, social media is an incredible way to learn more about prospective schools and the students who will become your classmates and community. By leveraging these platforms, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions, turning a potentially stressful time into an enjoyable journey.

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