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Here's what we know: Starting in September of 2020, students that have completed a full-length ACT will have the opportunity to re-test by taking individual sections of the test in the hopes of boosting their ACT superscore. It sounds great in theory, but we need to learn more from ACT and the colleges before we get too excited. Even though ACT is stating that this is an option for students, we still need to know if test centers (local high schools) will have the technology and proctors necessary to offer full-length tests and multi-section options in one day. The kicker behind this option is that the individualized sections are offered on the computer. My takeaway is that we still have a lot to learn from ACT about logistics. 

Furthermore, colleges have not indicated whether they will be accepting this form of a superscore from ACT students. So, it is vital to check with your colleges before pursuing this option…if it is even an option in your area at all.

So, our advice is to forge ahead on your testing plan as is, and let’s wait and see what colleges/universities have to say.  Good luck! 


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